Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Today is my dad's 55th birthday, which means he was twenty five when I was born. I wonder what he felt when my mom gave birth to me. Certainly excitement, as I was their first child. Although 25 hardly seems old, my parents waited pretty late in life to have kids, compared to their friends. So when I came along, then my brother 22 months later, they were pretty well established. Both had college degrees, owned their own house and worked at promising careers. Lucky them.

Their story is a major contrast to the way Joseph and I have founded our little family unit. Eloping at 19 (after our wedding was cancelled due to my upcoming transfer to Korea), pregnant at 21, both of us attending college while Grace was in diapers. We were so, SO broke that at one point, I went down to the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) office to apply for assistance. I remember dressing Grace in her nicest clothes (Tommy Hilfiger bought by my grandfather's wife), me in my most classy and professional dress pants and sweater, hair neatly styled. After all the paperwork and rude social workers, I firmly promised myself I would never apply for government assistance again.

We're still broke, but at least we have our own house now. And I don't have to stay up all night listening for the repo man to come tow away our car*. I really try and keep my wants/needs lists very separate, and for the most part I think do a great job. But when you really need a new pair of pants, and you don't have even $20 to spend on a pair of pants, you really start to feel like the world's biggest loser.

Enough beating myself up. I'm leaving my job! One week down, one to go! Today I threw out a ton of files that have been rotting at my desk since before I started working here. Liberation! Out, you damn 1997 picnic survey! Hit the road, 1993 holiday gift orders!

I was clicking through blogger yesterday using the "Next Blog" button, hoping to stumble across something wonderful, when I came across something, if not wonderful, then at least moderately interesting. A Canadian teaching English in South Korea. Her kitchen looked just like my old Korean kitchen, but a little bigger.

That's it. There's my bloggage for the day. Read and be merry.

*What was I going to do? Run out and throw myself over the hood?


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