Friday, April 08, 2005

The Taxman Cometh...

I'm such a jerk, every year I say I'm going to get my taxes done early, and then I don't. Two years ago, we filled out our tax forms at work all wrong, and ended up OWEING a bunch of money to the IRS, the most horrible thing ever. So, I re-did all our forms, confident we'd get a modest check in the spring (don't want it too big, that's loaning the government out money, says my dad).

Except Joseph did a bunch of freelance work this year, and we spent every last dime that he brought home. That big whooshing sound is our tax refund being sucked down the drain from the taxes we didn't pay on that income.

So, as a loyal employee I'm spending my last days at this job doing my taxes online, except I'm having problems getting all the information I need, like how much interest we paid on our student loans. I keep checking my email for the pin #s I need to log on to the Direct Loans page, but NOTHIN'. Stupid hotmail.

As a result, I'll spend a few moments studying on the lameness of being 29 and asking my parents for money. Hey, they offered! And our last $200 is going to childcare, leaving us with $45 to fill our gas tanks up. *SIGH*

It feels like this will never end. Like we will be paying hundreds of dollars a year in bank fees for the rest of our lives because we're such money morons. Which really, we're not. We drive modest cars and don't go out to eat more than once a week, never go to movies or the bar, man, we should be like those old people who never indulge in anything and have giant savings accounts. Except we aren't.

I keep looking for something to blame, whether it's our house in a too-nice neighborhood, or the exorbitant cost of childcare. When we do our budget, we always have a ton of money left over, on paper, but it never works. Blah. Repeat after me: "We have our health. Our kids are well-behaved. The sex is..." oh, never mind.


Blogger Bunty said...

i couldn't agree more with you. though i am a finance professional, i too find filing of tax returns very cumbersome. so i ask my finance consultant to do that for me .... though that burns a hole in my pocket.

and u guessed right ... i am a Hindu, but not a religious devout.
i have an open mind for all religions.

Mon Apr 11, 03:20:00 AM EDT  

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