Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cheer Up, Baby

This morning's drive to work was filled with thoughts of how to cheer my husband up. We're broke, which isn't a new situation, but usually there's an end in sight. Today, we're staring down the deep, dark well of financial despair.

He's ready to jump down the well; me, I ran two miles this morning which allows me to "let go" of things I would otherwise obsess about. I've tried the usual happy thought generators: we have great kids, no one has cancer, we're in no danger of losing any major property. But alas, today it's been for naught. So, I'm thinking of calling him and telling him:

  1. "I think we should hammer a homemade "For Sale" sign in our front yard, pawn all our belongings, load up the kids in the car and head for Oregon. We've got friends there, plus it's near the ocean."
  2. "When you get home from work today, I'm going to corral the kids in their respective rooms, strip down naked, and jump up and down on you in all matter of positions for four hours straight." (He's on some medication for his back that makes this very possible.)

I think #2 will have the intended affect.

Speaking of nakedness, I'd love to get naked with this guy, figuratively. Former Army PR guy with a sharp wit and a certain casualness that reminds me of the guys I used to whirl around with in my younger days. Even imagining just a slow kiss makes me smile.

And today, I need to smile.


Blogger Bunty said...

hi jill,
i really love and admire ur sense of humour, even in times of such despair. Tell ur husband that he is one of the luckiest guys on this planet to have u for a life partner.

anyways best of luck and hope ur financial problems come to end soon.

also thanks for ur advice and i have already started working on it.

(PS: 4 hours!!! tell him again that he is the luckiest guy!!!)

Fri Apr 08, 02:04:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Sminklemeyer said...

wow, i've received a lot of compliments for my writing, but i don't think anybody has ever said they'd like to get naked with me. you made my day.

Sat Jun 25, 11:01:00 AM EDT  

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