Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today my boss said, "God, Jill, you need some new pants. The butt in those are huge." I lied and said we were saving money for home improvements* so we could sell the house this spring. Well, sorta lied. We do plan on selling the house in the spring, but really, I'm scrimping every last cent to pay for goddamn childcare.

We got a letter in the mail on Saturday, just as we were about to go upstairs and make a little hot monkey love. This is important, because conditions have to be just right in order for us to break out the lubricating jelly on a Saturday afternoon with the kids in the house**. The letter was from Grace's childcare, informing us that if we didn't come up with $725 by this Friday, Grace was no longer welcome at before/after school care. That letter shot a cannon ball right through our delicately-planned hornfest. Instead of a massive (but quick!) creshendo of sweat and passion, we just laid on the bed in our clothes, going over all the reasons were a couple of schlubs. It was awful.

The good news is that we didn't have to hit up our parents or get a credit card or anything drastic. We talked it out and came up with a suitable answer, just like the grownups on TV! We just can't spend any money on anything except gas and prescription bills until Joseph gets paid on Friday. And believe it or not, that's a big relief for us, that we can take care of it without incurring massive bank fees or humiliating ourselves in front of our parents. It actually feels good when I think about it.

*Though I could make the case that we're saving money for the house, if you count the change in the washing machine we pluck up to buy kitchen garbage bags. They're Awesome! brand, and Joseph and I always have great fun when we change the garbage, yelling out, "These bags are AAAAWE-some," a la his lame sister. The other usually responds with an emphathetic "SUH-WEEET!", again in the same manner as lamo sister-in-law.

**Trust me, we had them sufficiently occupied.


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