Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This morning is a typical day at work:
  1. get in 10 minutes early
  2. fill my Grand Rapids Press coffee mug with some mediocre brew
  3. check my three most-used email accounts
  4. check bank account ($81, though I just ordered a used book for Joseph yesterday from amazon, so I know it's actually $20 less than that.)
  5. check nancy, (yep, still blocked by the company's filter) and a few others from my blogroll
  6. check the company's Intranet message boards (looking for inappropriate material to ask my boss' boss if I can delete -- I think NASCAR drivel meets that standard, but others would disagree).
  7. Send 80-year-old maternal grandmother a birthday card (I ROCK!)

I also manage to send a fax about ten minutes later, then read the paper. I vow not to post any more crap about the Schiavo case, just feel like I'm too far out of my league.

Tried out the new digital camera so the world can envy my GR Press coffee mug. I think it turned out quite nice.


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