Friday, March 25, 2005

The job interview? It went fabulously (thanks for asking). For weeks, I've been scouring the Internet looking for those really tought interview questions, then writing out three possible responses to each one. I've had my interview "outfit" (he, I love that word) ready for a week. I practiced in the mirror, planned out the exact arrangement of each hair in my tresses. I was READY. During the first interview (this was the third) Joseph said "Be confident!" before we parted for work that morning. This time, he kissed me on the cheek and murmurred, "You're awesome." And I am.

Of course, no one at my current job really cared where I was yesterday afternoon, so it was fairly easy to make an offhand comment about visiting another plant then take off. I made sure that all lose ends were tied up: newsletter went to the printer, phone calls returned, photos taken and that was it. I cruised out to Holland, breathing deeply and saying to myself, "You are relaxed," a tip I read in one of the zillions of articles on interviewing on the web. I reviewed all my pre-answered interview questions in the car, enjoyed the sunshine, bright and warm through the windows, then stepped into the building.

I sat down first with the woman who would be my supervisor, who immediately starts going over all the projects she wants me to work on. I'm a little taken aback by this. Is this an interview or a staff meeting? I nod, and answer to everything some version of, "Sure, I can do that." Then she says something like, "...if you get this job. Oh, what the heck, I'm just going to stop saying that." Now, at first I'm shocked by this. I'm someone that over-analyzes every inflection of every syllable someone says, so then I think, well, maybe she thinks she's being too wordy, or it's somehow not appropriate to say that in a job interview. More analyzing confirms that this is completely riduculous. Then I think, "COOL." I sit back and enjoy the interview.

She then shows me around the huge building, and it occurs to me this is going to be a big change for me. My current company, with its six separate facilities, is about the size of their corporate headquarters. I make a mental note to spend the weekend re-reading Covey and the new organizing book I picked up, Getting Things Done by David Allen. Gotta get out of this lazy, corporate-hating mindset I've been wallowing in for the past six months.

We head over the the HR Veep's office, and as we wait for her to finish her conference call, we have a very nice conversation about vacation, where my future boss mentions that her husband makes string instruments, like guitars and dulcimers. I mention my daughter really likes to bang around on her grandmother's dulcimer. Here's the one point I wish I would have done things differently: she asks, oh you have children, and I freeze. Remembering all the interview articles I read, and how you shouldn't discuss your personal life, I smile weakly and nod, then change the subject. I don't know, it's just my dorky manner to do things by the book, and instead of talking about how great Grace is, I act like I'm hiding something, maybe the fact I lost my kids to the court system because I locked them in the basement.

Again, I'm probably over-analyzing here.

The rest of the interview went fine. At the end, I spent some time with someone who would be a close co-worker. Luckily, she's a runner and so am I, so we chatted while touring the corporate health club (perk!). We also talked sewing, which we both do a little of. It was a little weird trying to think of things to casually say to get her to like me. I think it ended well, though I may have seemed a little eager to leave (again, more un-due analysis, probably).

When I got home, the family went out to eat a dinner we probably can't afford; I ate too much, but felt good about life. I really wish I could just get the offer so I could get on with this. It's been killing me not to be able to tell my best girlfriends here at work all the hilarious side stories that have been involved with this whole process (like when the recruiter asked, "Oh, do you think the President of ---- will be crushed when you leave?" during the second interview). Also, I'm really looking forward to doing the "I Quit" dance. But hey, I was in the Army. I could minor in waiting.


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