Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I'm linking to Dahlia's piece on Terry Schaivo because, well, after I read her article I thought, "Yeah! What she said!" And although apparently no one found my little palace here on the web, as a matter of principle, I think as many people should read it as possible. Man, I don't remember being this passionate about an issue, even during the election! History is going to look back on this thing and shake its head.

I sent Hungry Hungry Hippos (they have names, who knew?), she made me groan by countering with Pretty Pretty Princess. Joseph then suggests Sorry, which we played this past weekend, and Grace had a lot to learn about being a good sport. She countered with Twister. (What is it with this kid? We have a ton of games to play, and her top pick is the lamest, pansy-est game ever invented, beating out even "Mother May I"; her second pick is the most inhospitable-to-parents-sore-backs game invented.) At first I reluctantly agreed, but Joe overrode everything and brought out Connect Four, one of my personal favorites*. It was a tournament of sorts, with Grace being the "Black Cat" and I got to be the "Red Rooster." I let her win once, before Joseph stepped in.

A nice evening, feels good know our family time was much better spent dropping checkers in plastic slots than watching ANOTHER inane episode of Fairly Odd Parents. I swear to GOD there must be villainous subliminal messages inserted that goddamn show that makes kids crave it.

Additionally, Jack did the (almost unbearably hilarious) baby groove when Nora Jones came on the stereo. I'll try and get video with my new work camera, though I'm not sure I can figure out how to post it here.

*I used to KILL my brother at this game as a kid. But unlike Uno, I didn't cheat.


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