Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I have to say I writing a job ad for your own job is a strange, but fufilling experience. My ad is way better than the one I responded to.

I got the offer in a phone call this morning. It turns out I never should have given them the exact amount of my current salary. I just have a hard time fudging numbers and facts, unless I've really committed and even practiced the "untruth" in my head. Now, I have to try to negotiate more salary, something I feel totally unequipped to do. The teeny-tiny stick figure stressing out deep in the pit of my abdomen says, "Hey, they're paying you more -- 13.5% more* -- than what you're making now, you should be grateful!" I'll have to take tips from my dad (who has ton of experience in salary negotiation), but that makes me nervous because last time he gave me career advice, it was wrong. Like, razing and burning villages wrong.

One interesting point: my current boss interviewed for the same position. She apparently was put off by all the writing and turned down a second interview. ("Are you sure you want to do all that writing?" she asked when I told her, and I bit my lip to keep from rolling my eyes.) Second interesting point: they told her the salary was $13k more than what they offered me. Seems like I might somehow use that as leverage, but I'm not sure how.

Bloggage: linking to a Slate article seems silly (doesn't everyone read it?) but I'm doing it anyway. I like thinking about how our relationships as parents or children can somehow be purer, more sincere, than our political leanings reveal.

Well, I'm off to cash an expense check to pay for a celebratory job-offer/job resignation dinner. Thank GOD for expense checks.

*The recruiter repeated this number twice, like she needed to convince me.


Blogger Bunty said...

congratulations on ur new job !!!
infact i had just written about job change in my blog .... do read and let me know ur thoughts

and enjoy till u take up ur new assignment

(btw it seems pretty hilarious that u and ur boss applied for the same job)

Mon Apr 04, 07:02:00 AM EDT  

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