Monday, March 21, 2005

Here's my latest inspiration, from That's why I'm here, folks.

Also, the latest tempest about female bloggers, and columnists, not getting the props they deserve has motivated me out of my dark, dank, self-imposed banishment. I need to write, and writing for the company newsletter just isn't that satisfying. Really. I've also returned because I'm pretty sure no I know is has bothered to listen in a long time. If you're there, ma, let me know*. I'll find someplace else to curse.

I'm finding that getting links up is more time-consuming than I thought. Interesting and relevant links, that is. I have to keep telling myself that practice makes perfect. I'm picturing myself as Will Ferrell in Elf. Earnest. Funny. Hard time figuring out emotional boundries. But, with a better costume.

*Actually, she will let me know. She's cool like that.


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