Monday, March 21, 2005

Another addition to the growing heap of research that says we are all (and by "all", I mean us rich/middle-class folks) too obsessed with our kids, and we're ruining everyone's life in the process.

This Newsweek piece sent me into a tailspin for a day, skipping work and smoking cigarettes. I seriously considered selling the house, packing up the kids and moving back to the homeland (Oklahoma*), where I could freelance write for a living while Joseph created art in the back barn. Joseph, bless his heart, hugged me, nodded approvingly, and agreed that our lives were incredibly ----ed up.

I was at work the next day, typing up birthdays in the company newsletter and nodding approvingly as my boss suggested I schedule a basketball tournament for the company picnic. No way could I live without a wine shop and a Blockbuster around the corner.

*more on this later


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