Monday, March 28, 2005

Ah, never has Easter been so relaxing. I told Joseph, now I know how the Hindus and Muslims feel on Christian holidays -- just another day, except the only businesses open are the drugstores and Meijer. Why does Jesus dying on the cross mean I can't go shopping for a new handbag at the mall? As I grow more and more comfortable with athiesim, or agnosticism (either way, it doesn't really matter), I grow more frustrated with people who blindly follow along without really thinking about why they do it. I chalk it up to a phrase a professor of mine used: "It doesn't so much matter what's true, just what's useful." People find it useful to believe in god(s). I don't, but I've decided not to knock their tools for dealing with the hardships of life.

Whew. It's too early in the day and the week to be talking religion.

For the first time in my memory, Easter Sunday had beautiful weather. After the ice age we just made it through, sunshine and warm temps feels like paradise. The whole family packed up and walked down to the park. Grace tried to get her new kite, from the Easter Bunny, to fly but there wasn't enough breeze. But both her and I got good exercise running around the soccer field with it flitting behind us. Jack rode in the baby swing and laughed. We found a dented and cracked wiffle ball and bat, and I had a lovely time tossing the ball up in the air and whacking the hell out of it*. After we got home, everyone but Grace took a nap.

Other events this weekend:
  • Friday night: One of Joseph's high school friends had a 30th birthday party at this seedy bar/bowling alley. We were both feeling very successful with our college degrees (okay, almost-degree with Joseph) and our house in the swanky side of town. Not something I'd do every weekend, but fun for a night.
  • Saturday: Decorating Easter eggs at Joe's dad's house. Dinner was fabulous, plus had some very nice conversations with step-mother-in-law. She's so much nicer than my biological mother-in-law.
  • Sunday night: Easter dinner at biological mother-in-law's, which was great fun and not at all irritating, like usual**. Ate way too much, but it all tasted so rich and flavorful and holiday-esque. Just like a holiday should taste.

And this morning, after my shower, Joseph and I managed to sneak in a little Monday morning grown-up fun. He loves me so much. I love him too. Life is good.

*Turns out my athletic prowress is not limited to the eliptical machine!
** certainly because I was pretty drunk. Alcohol: makes your in-laws fun!


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