Monday, March 15, 2004

Returning to work after six weeks maternity leave has been a surreal experience - at times, it feels like I never left. But mostly I feel like I fell asleep at the wheel. New gossip, fellow employees constantly asking me about the baby, and still not enough work for me to do. I've been doing some updates to, which holds my attention for awhile.

I would reccomend that anyone who is considering having babies, and is also in need of a serious break from work get pregnant. Of course, I was lucky that my employer was willing to pay me while on leave in exchange for a few hours "work from home" each week. But the time spent with my (still) unemployed husband, my daughter and our newborn family member was priceless. I wouldn't have traded the Thursday morning breakfasts or the vacation to Traverse City for a million bucks. It's given me a new outlook on life, and the sparkle of self-improvement has returned. Freelance writing and starting my MBA suddenly seem more important.


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