Monday, September 08, 2003

It is unbelievable how much unemployment has touched my family. My father's been out of a job for almost two years. Both my father-in-law and brother-in-law saw major layoffs (my brother-in-law had to move a thousand miles away to save his job). Joe's uncle has been laid off for almost a year (after working there 27 years), and his cousin/best friend's dad lost his job after 25 years. On Friday we got word that his step-dad-in-law was one of 350 employees laid off from a major employer in our area (after 17 years). Now I'm finally starting to see how personally the economy has touched our lives.

Last week was one of those time periods that make you want to crawl under the covers and bawl for an hour straight, until there's nothing left in you to feel. My poor, brand-spanking-new kindergartner wet her pants at her new school (huh? surely you have the wrong kid, she's NEVER done that, not since she was a toddler), my parents moved into our house, Joe's favorite aunt died after a long battle with breast cancer, and I fell off a retaining wall onto my pregnant stomach. It was a true trial of our patience and stability.

But, we had a peanut butter banana crunch bagel, at Panera and instantly things are looking up. My dad moved my parents' stuff into the new house they rented. My daughter look so damn smart and athletic in her new little soccer uniform. The doctor said everything seemed fine with the baby (150 heartbeats per minute), and hopefully we'll find out the sex of little Jack/Charlotte this Friday. I'll keep you posted, post toasties (as my paternal grandfather called the bland cereal we ate regularly at the farm, covered in so much sugar the grains of sugar crunch in your teeth under the soggy flakes).


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