Monday, July 28, 2003

I wonder about that bit on the logon screen at blogger that starts you on the process of starting a new blog. Who possibly has the resources to run more than one blog at a time? And still have it be interesting more than three words in? Ah, there's the rub.

My mother is buying drugs in Mexico. Lacking sufficient health care since my father lost his job nearly two years ago, they decided this weekend to make the trip from their temporary residence in Houston to the Mexican border in order to search for cheap fabric and (legal, sort of) narcotics. My mother, who broke both her legs about three years ago and still suffers the after-effects, needs some sort of Vicadin or something when her back and legs really start to bother her. It's much cheaper to buy them outside the US so they took a little road trip. Apparently, they ended up following a small, shady-looking character down a narrow alley to buy some really cheap (and apparently high-quality) drugs. They were so cheap, my mom figured what the hey and bought some of the prescription diet drugs she really likes. I wonder if they bought Viagra for my Dad...

Now maybe for those of you whose parents lean toward the illegal, this isn't a big deal, but MY parents are card-carrying neo-conservatives. They think George Bush should rule the world. I like to point out that my dad voted for Clinton the first time around at Easter dinner. They trust in Jesus and express their disappointment at every turn that our daughter is not being raised as a Christian. AND, they buy illegal drugs in Mexico.

Work project just popped me with a big project....more later.


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