Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I am blogging all the time now. It's gone to my head. Today I had lunch at the MegaStuff RetailMart (basil chicken chili, despite the heat) and found myself blogging away in my head. "Politically, it makes sense for the Democrats to start raising the issue of how much worse off we are now than five years ago..." or "You know, this new adventure in the vast, mysterious and largely boring ocean of electronic communication has really brought out the writer in me. Perhaps I'll get crackin' on the Great American Novel I've been meaning to write since the 8th grade, now that I'm back in the groove of writing every day..."

Besides checking in on [all blogged up and nowhere to go] every ten minutes to check if anyone's made a comment on what she posted today [um, ME], I've also been regulary checking in at Dave Barry's blog. It's kinda dumb and silly, but as I'm sitting in my cell here at work, wondering where the HELL everyone is, it's a nice distraction.


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