Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Okay, no schnazzy black knee-high boots. Comfort won out, yet again, and I'm wearing a floral skirt with an elastic waistband. Oh, and running shoes with dingy socks. The shoes and socks I added before lunch when I had to take some photos in a manufacturing plant. I haven't gotten around to taking them off yet. God, I'm turning frumpy! Must be a side-effect of the pregnancy...

This WMD issue has really started bothering me over the past few days. I supported the war, thought for a long time that it was the best solution for everyone involved (except for Mr. So-damn Insane - a little nomiker I picked up from the troops). But now I'm starting to feel like I was lied to. That a bunch of high-ranking military spooks went to Bush and told him, okay, here's all the info you need to convice people we should go to war. Go ahead and say what you need to, we're sure it will end up being justified in the end. I have no idea if Bush was in cahoots, but as boss, he should be held accountable. Here's a good article on Slate that I read this morning when I was supposed to be working.


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