Friday, June 20, 2003

My friend and co-worker Cathy, who is my mother's age, is one of my best friends (though I haven't told her this in case it would bring a new wierdness to our relationship - amazing how this can happen even after high school, in a totally different situation). Anyways, she recently moved into a giant new house after 20 years in a small ranch in a neighborhood that has gone way downhill over the past few years. The day of the move was a big event, where the whole family chipped in and helped she and her husband move.

Cathy's sister, Terri, has a boyfriend named Bart who is completely useless, but that's a whole other story. Cathy asked Bart to wrap up the kitty litter & tray to take over to the new house; it was fairly fresh litter, and she had read somewhere that in order to make the move easier on the feline, that try to keep it as normal as possible. So Bart wrapped up the tray, kitty litter and all, but left the kitty litter scoop out on the floor.

Later that evening, Cathy was doing the dishes, and out of the soapy water pulls the kitty litter scoop. Her first reaction was, "well this is really odd, why didn't this get moved with the tray?" and all of a sudden a montage of images has her choking in horror. First she remembers that her mother brought over a big vat of barbeque to feed to the family members who were helping with the move. Then she realizes that Bart had handed the scoop to her mother without explaining what it was. Cathy's mom served barbeque to 15 of her closest relatives with the kitty litter scoop. I thought I was going to die from a delightful mix of hilarity and nausea, and insisted for the millionth time that she had to write a book about her life.

Since that will probably never happen, someday I'm going to write a book about Cathy, a girl with blue-collar roots who is fiercely loyal and had more than her share of pain in life. Hope she doesn't sue (though in the beginning I wouldn't mind).


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