Wednesday, June 11, 2003

My first appointment with a "health care professional" was today - I saw a nurse who confirmed, yes, indeed, I was pregnant. Went over the usual stuff, and I managed to grin and blush my way through the conversation - I don't know why I always want to bond with the nurse/doctor, maybe if they think I'm sweet or funny, they'll take better care of me. It's my father coming out in me.

Afterwards I went straight over to the hospital to get my bloodwork done. The lab there was so weird, filled with photocopies of signs saying things like "The will of God will not send you where you are not covered by the grace of God." There must have been a grainy, lined copy of this scotch-taped every four feet. It was even right in front of the chair with the big arms that you sit in to take blood. I stared at it so I wouldn't risk fainting while the kid took four vials of blood.

Then I had to pee in a cup for the second time in less than an hour. Thankfully I'm pregnant, so that didn't really pose a problem. But when I got in the little bathroom, Joseph's cell phone (which I had taken because he forgets it) started ringing at top tones. I know everyone in the lab could hear me. I awkwardly told him what I was doing and that I'd call him back.

Turns out that the nurse put my due date at January 29 - my mother's birthday. She'll be thrilled.


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