Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Morning sickness...not too bad today! However, my brain has been short circuiting all day. It just shuts down sometimes when it hits a small snag, and I lose everything. Like a PC, except it does no good to save every five minutes like I do on my computer.

Found out from an email my father sent that my cousin Monica is pregnant...and is due a week before I am. I'm not sure why this appeals to me so much, but I just feel like a connection has been reestablished. I haven't spoken with Monica in years, I'm not even all that sure of where she lives. We were so close as kids, or at least, I was close to her. She was my hero, with her long, straight blonde hair and fearless in the face of bucking broncos and dead opposums (now she's a veterinarian - how fateful!). Before I left for the Army, I spent a couple days hanging out with her at the Oklahoma State University, going to cowboy bars and watching Red Sonja and the Beastmaster (sorry, no decent link) while piecing together 70's-era kitten puzzles.

Today, I made my co-worker Cathy laugh so hard she had to lean against the credenza. Too bad she wasn't drinking milk.


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