Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I feel naked when I write these posts. Naked like at Girl Scout camp, standing in the swimming pool locker room. The building had no roof, so me and the 20 other girl scouts, eyed each other in the blaring June sun, all of us clutching towels around our embarassingly small or misshapen bodies. See, nude showers were required before you could get in the pool, the counselors drilled that into our pony-tailed heads. Still, when one of them walked in and saw us all huddled under our towels on the mildew-y benches, she came screaming at us, ripping the towels from our whitened knuckles, ordering us into the spray. Howling with embarassment and fright, we all ran from her into the ice cold showers, looking away from each others awkward and pointy bodies. It was the kind of life-ripping, shame-inducing experience that scars you for life. And then they made us wear swim caps. Swimcaps! All different colors, depending on your swimming ability. It's a wonder I ever got near a swimming pool again.

Anyways, that's me blogging. Huddling under the towel of the details of the local weather. Or the mundane minutiae of early pregnancy. As I try to understand the world of the living web a little better by reading other blogs, who's authors seem much like those screaming, authority-figure camp counselors, I wonder what I could possibly have to offer in a world whose foundations are built in sarcasm and political serration. I spend a good chunk of my day wondering what makes a total stranger interesting. Maybe its stories about naked girl scouts. Maybe its just someone who's passionate about life. Maybe both.


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