Monday, June 30, 2003

I broke down and finally told the other girl in the office who's pregnant that I'm do about a week and a half before she is. Lots of squealing and sharing-of-nausea stories ensued. I've warned my girlfriends that we'll probably dominate the conversation for the next 7 months or so (and really, for a long time after that since we're pretty much guarenteed to talk babies after they're born). Sor-ree! But really, what could possibly be more interesting than what's going on inside my uterus?

Saturday the fam packed up in the minivan and headed out to the beach. Joe and his friend Jim, and Jim's dad John, wanted to try their hands at the 22nd Annual Grand Haven Arts Festival sand sculpture contest. Yeah, they won. To tell you the truth I was surprised - not that my husband isn't the most creative, most talented guy out on the beach, but there were some BIG honkin' SpongeBob sculptures! I thought for sure the judges would be carried away by the pop culture jeferences. Joe, Jim and John sculpted a sailboat being carried on kites - see, Grand Haven is a big sailboat town, and they have the kite festival every apparently the judges appreciated good art. I should also mentioned that they took first place in the team division. There were other divisions, such as family and youth, but really, who cares about those except for their mothers? Here's the link to the local site...unfortunetly, no photos.

I ate a lot this weekend. A LOT. Breakfast on Sunday? English muffin (whole wheat!) slathered with peanut butter with a tall glass of orange-pineapple-strawberry juice (added Vitamin D & Calcium). String cheese. Toast (whole wheat!) slathered with peanut butter, but this time topped with cinnamon sugar. Big glass of pop. Vanilla soy shake - for protien, plus it has 100% folic acid, and I had missed my prenatal vitamin the night before. Of course, this is over the course of about two hours, no big deal.

On to lunch: green salad with strawberries, almonds and spinach. Soaked with slurrpy yummy strawberry vinagrette gourment dressing. "Bratburger" on a bun, lots of bright yellow mustard. A cup of fairly bland pasta salad (my husband says "It's guilt free!" when he brings it home from the grocery store, which seems terribly beside-the-point to me). My daughter's bratburger. Two glasses of pop - ack! When I start drinking that stuff I can't help it - especially when there's lots of ice in it, making it so cold and refreshing...Oh, and then after a rousing game of CandyLand, we went to our fabulous local ice cream store, Jersey Junction. Oh, I was good and got frozen fruit dipped in chocolate (okay, relatively healthy), but I have very senstitive teeth, and ended up trading my daughter for her cotton-candy flavored ice cream in a sugar cone. Not a bad trade!

Then on to dinner, served about an hour or so later: two cheeseburgers, a brat, half of my daughter's brat, plus canteloupe, pasta salad and a pickle. Followed closely with my mother-in-law's homemade brownies with cordial cherry ice cream.

Sorry, are you bored yet?


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