Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Hell it is so damn HOT! Whew! Not as sweltering as say, Houston, but hot enough so that even the damn air conditioning doesn't seem to be doing all that much good. I lay in front of the oscilating fan at night, which was just under the a/c, alternating between sweating and chilliness.

Tomorrow I will be about 9 weeks into the pregnancy. Closer to the 12 week mark, when I'll feel more comforatble telling a wider audience of co-workers. My fears have greatly diminished over the past couple weeks. Guess I've started to realize that I don't have a whole lot of control if my body decides to rebel. I am now perfectly happy and content to enjoy this pregnancy, as much as nausea and exhaustion will allow.

Joe is out of town on business making the big bucks, which is fine with me. He'll be back tomorrow. Last night my daughter and I lay in my bed together. I was only planning on putting her down in the air conditioning (only in the master bedroom) until she fell asleep, but I ended up laying down with her at 8:30 and staying there all night. Before we fell asleep we giggled and made funny faces in the dark. She laid her plump, slightly damp forearm on my neck and wrapped her tiny little fingers in my hair and whispered "You're the best mommy in the whole world." Her little carved nose and smooth, porcelin skin smelled so sweet. Just like a baby. And then we fell asleep.


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