Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The boredom has overtaken my most noble sensibilities. I'm considering faking pregnancy sickness, but then I'll have to go home to my sweltering heat trap of a house. Which is worse? Perhaps I'll sit in on my company's refresher courses on GroupWise. Eck. Surfing the endless supply of boring blogs for that one-sentance jewel has got to be better.

Okay, some pregnancy stuff: today I am officially nine weeks along. Three weeks short of telling the Accounting Department. Accounting is the only group of people I interact with on a daily basis that doesn't know. There's a tiny, cute girl that works in accounts payable that's pregnant, her due date 9 days before mine. She told the whole office after one missed period. I've managed to hold off for the 3 weeks its been since I've found out. In the breakroom today I asked her when her due date was - I really had to bite my tongue not to say anything. The chubby, bland accounts recievable chick even asked if we were planning on another one. I said, "yes, that's why we bought a 3 bedroom house." Next subject?

Everyone took extremely long lunches today. I feel like telling on them, but not really. Maybe I'll go through with the fake pregnancy sham.


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