Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Another night spent by myself - well, the dog is here too. Panting, his rotten breath not much different from the hot steamy air surround the house. But his eyes are so sweet. As I began a yoga routine tonight, he lay down on the mat right next to me, his soft golden body leaning into me in total bliss. I pushed him away - can't do Dog Pose with a dog in repose against your leg. But afterwards, I called him back to my blanket and rubbed his chest as he smiled through his panting.

My belly seems very full lately - could there be a double shot in there? I have no willpower, so I eat crumbling cookies out of the vending machine at work, and help myself to a second bratwurst at my step-mother-in-law's house tonight. But I also eat a lot of sweet, candy-like strawberries and melon. Pineapple, too, tastes like ancient gifts from wisemen. It melts in my mouth, the saccharine juices spilling out between my lips when I bite down. Yum - napkin please.


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