Friday, June 27, 2003

Ah, my interlude of solitude has ended. I didn't do yoga last night. I didn't add an entry to this blog. I didn't get up and walk my dog in the early morning mist. And I didn't get to watch the news this morning. *SIGH*

I retrieved my daughter from her grandmother's house last night. She was tired and slightly crabby and a little homesick. We went home, where we watched a half hour of Nickleodeon before I herded her up stairs where she cried and claimed alternately that she had a stomach ache and also that she was hungry. Since she hadn't eaten all her dinner, I told her she could have some cool water to make it feel better. We read two books, "But not the Hippopotomus!" and "All by Myself", turned on the fan, and then kissed her goodnight. Even though I was certain she would fall asleep right away after the busy week she had at grandma's, she spent the next hour singing made-up songs and playing percusion on her night stand. Oh well.

And as we near the end of the month, we're broke again. Joe, who has been working major overtime this week, is expecting a big check on Tuesday, but we have to wait out the next 4 days on cable TV and scrambled eggs until that becomes available. We thought about going camping this weekend, but we can't even afford the $12 fee. Oh well. Guess gas to run our dryer is more important.


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