Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Ah! I am so cool. I just made changes to a website that has been befuddling me for weeks. I finally asked for help, figuring if IT was going to make me feel stupid, then that was fine, as long as my problem got fixed. Turns out it was THEIR FAULT the whole time. Guess as I make my foray into the technical details of publishing web sites, I'd like to think that if I just work at it long enough, I can figure it out myself.

The website is a professional organization I belong to, West Michigan Public Relations Society of America. It's a sh*tty, sh*tty site designed by a clueless college student more than two years ago. I've offered to work on a new one for them, but I want to make sure all my bases were covered by doing usability research and all that. Until the new design/format is launched, I'm just doing maintenance on the site. More updates as events warrant...


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